Do you feel stuck, depressed, or even shutdown and frozen? Perhaps you are experiencing rumination, hyper-reactivity and rage? Does chronic fear and anxiety control your life?

If you feel helpless to affect change in these long-lasting symptoms of trauma, this consultation package is for you. This is your chance to ask a trauma expert all of your burning questions.


In a 5 session personalized guided tour, you will learn:

  • what trauma is & how it is stored in your body
  • how it affects the brain, and can even change its structures
  • how it affects your nervous system and thinking
  • highly effective state-of-the-art trauma therapy modalities
  • how to find, interview, and choose a trauma therapist


  • What trauma is & how it has affected your brain and body. (It’s not all in your head!)
  • How to research and read therapist ads and profiles
  • How to zero in on the top three candidates in your area
  • How to interview a trauma therapist
  • How to create therapy goals
  • How to voice your needs in the therapy room


  • 5 1-Hour Face-To-Face Zoom Sessions
  • Role Playing: How to Interview a Trauma Therapist
  • Resources for finding the most qualified therapists in your area
  • A handout packet that covers the concepts we cover in the Zoom sessions
  • An invitation to our private trauma support group

Why is this package needed?

Frankly, we just don’t know how to talk about trauma in our culture, so trauma survivors are barely surviving, instead of healing and thriving. Many don’t even know that there are effective science-based, peer-reviewed modalities available.

The cultural conversation surrounding trauma is just starting to become more mainstream, however, it is so new that the vocabulary around trauma isn’t well-known. We don’t know what trauma is, why our bodies and brains are acting in unexpected and undesirable ways, why we feel so stuck, and what to do about it. New modalities of trauma therapy are now proven to be effective in restoring the mind-body connection, but few people have even heard about them.

This consultation package will jump start your understanding of trauma, and prep you to take action, instead of remaining stuck.

This is your chance to move forward. You are worthy of healing.

This is your chance to move forward. You are worthy of healing.