Storytelling Is Powerful

Do you have a compelling story to tell?

One of our goals is to give trauma survivors a platform from which they can tell their stories. So many of us carry secrets that weigh us down and deserve to be brought out into the light. A shared story is a shared burden. We are here to help you carry your burden. You are no longer alone.

Story Requirements

  • Length: approximately 500-2000 words
  • Pre-Submission: Edit story for grammar, punctuation, and formatting
  • Document Type: Word Document
  • Author Name Options: Initials or First Name + Last Initial or Pen Name
  • Possible Story Goal: To show the damage that trauma does, to show that recovery is possible, to show the ways that trauma survivors receive secondary trauma in the ways they are treated after trauma, to show good examples of survivor care, to expose hidden abuses in religious (or other) settings.

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Chose One of These Goals

  • educate the public
  • expose myths or wrong doing (not people)
  • encourage survivors

Story Writing Tips

  • Choose a single topic for your post.
  • Create a title that speaks to that topic.
  • Write an opening, a middle, and an end.
  • Give supporting details to allow the reader into sights, sounds, tastes, quotes.

Trigger Warnings

If your post is about a topic that could be triggering, include a Content Warning at the top, under your author name.

Example – Content Warning: This amazing story of hope and healing includes references to sexual trauma.