Restorative Community

Safe Community is Crucial for Healing Relational Trauma

Relational trauma is an aftereffect of abuse or neglect. Those who are betrayed by people they loved, trusted, or relied upon for their care may encounter enormous challenges as they attempt to forge future interpersonal connections and cope with life’s many challenges. Healing doesn’t happen in isolation. It happens in relationship. Through safe community we can build a template for relationship that was

Community is both a blessing and a responsibility.

Trauma has a way of separating us from “the tribe”, leaving us feeling isolated and alone, when what we need is compassion and support. Trauma can create both conscious and unconscious patterns of thinking about ourselves and others, and that can affect the way we behave. When we join in community, it is important for each of us to be aware of our own patterns, so that we can give and receive support in a positive manner.

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What our community is…

  • a group of folks actively pursuing healing
  • a safe place to express thoughts and feelings
  • a place to express and receive empathy
  • a place to learn about healing modalities and skills

What our community is not…

  • a group of perfect people
  • a substitute for trauma therapy
  • a place to reenact trauma patterns