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Trauma Consultation

In a 5 session personalized guided tour, via Zoom, you will learn what trauma is, how it is stored in your body, how it affects your nervous system, and what your healing options are.

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Trauma Healing Coaching

Ongoing in-depth Zoom sessions with a goal of moving towards healing. Sessions explore the past, feel the present, and build toward a future that you look forward to.

Co-Regulation & Grounding

Need help right here and right now? Book a safe nervous system co-regulation and grounding session (via Zoom) to bring you back into your body and to calm your nervous system.

Group Support / Workshops

We offer ongoing online group support, plus one-time workshops covering specific practices and topics that will expand your understanding of yourself and aid your healing journey.


There is so much wisdom locked up in the stories that women never tell.

Elaine Welteroth